Sunday, 9 November 2008

Page 154

Things started to go through but this young couple were a bit slow in answering queries from the estate agents and solicitors. Although in theory they had been offered a mortgage they didnt seem to realise they had to now confirm it. There seemed to be snags cropping up all the time through their lack of dealing with things immediately.
Our solicitor was getting frustrated with them. Contacting them was another thorn in the side. Steve`s house was going through without any problems, now we were worried about the timing, as the people buying our house were so laid back they were virtually comatose.
We had started packing things that we didnt need to use so the house looked a bit of a mess. One thing that was really good was that most of the furniture was staying so we wouldnt have that to contend with. Jim , Lel`s husband was coming to help us, we would only need a transit van.
At last several months later we exchanged contracts and we had a moving date of December 15th a bit close to Christmas, now we could arrange the van rental etc.... and start packing in earnest. Steve and I also went to look for a car for me we found a really nice Vauxhall Astra only 3 years old unfortunately it was white so it would show the dirt. It was an ex lease car with full service history and in excellent condition. I explained to the guy that I wouldnt be able to pay for it until 15th december when we would get the proceeds from the house sale and he agreed to hold it till then.
I spoke to Mr Green my solicitor and explained about the car, he asked me where I was buying it from, I told him and he said he was his solicitor so he would arrange to transfer the money direct to the dealer. He rang him and then rang me back to say it was all agreed and I just had to collect the car on 15th.

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