Monday, 17 November 2008

Page 161

Sandi the new girl at work was really nice and we soon became good friends. All her family were in Zimbabwe, her Mum had died in a horse riding accident there was only her father who was originally from Scotland and he had remarried, so she was here on her own.
She would come over for dinner quite often and went out with Steve a couple of times but it soon fizzled out, she was looking for someone with lots of money and status , nothing else mattered as long as they had top jobs and rich, in spite of that she was a really nice person.
At the moment she was living in London Colney but after seeing where I lived she was now looking to buy somewhere in Milton Keynes, this would be great as we could take it in turns driving to work.
She eventually found a two bedroom house just a few minutes away from where I lived . Then I couldn't believe it she got herself another job in Watford, so bang went the car share idea.
Mark the warehouse manager who was a really nice guy used to go to all kinds of odd places for his holidays like climbing mountains, K2 , Mount Everest too many to name. Everywhere he went he brought back a rock sample or something relevant to the place he was at, for my Grand Daughter Roxanne. He also ran the London Marathon every year and did the Tough Guy competition. Then suddenly he had a heart attack from which he survived but it put an end to his very adventurous life and he was only 27 yrs old.
Sandi left Ovaltine and a new girl started who was a friend of the young lad that started with Sandi and I didn't like her at all. The two of them were like little children.

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