Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Page 187

I settled in the bungalow and really loved it. It was perfect for one person. Being 5 minutes walk away from Steve and Sarah was a bonus I didn't feel so isolated.
Roxanne left school around June 2006 and got herself a little casual job as a waitress at a large Hotel not far from where they lived in Chicheley. At least she didn't have the journey to Bletchley every day and she was earning a bit of money.
Chris was now a Driving Instructor and had a really nice Mini and was doing really well. They had at last sold their house in Bletchley, so that was a relief to them.
Lesley, Chris and Roxanne were not getting on that well but were tolerating each other. It helped having that big house they could escape from each other.
Roxanne got a job at the multiscreen cinema in Milton Keynes and really loved it, she met a young lad called Sam and they hit it off straight away. They went out for a while and eventually decided to live with each other. Some of their friends at the cinema lived in a house that was let out by rooms so Roxy and Sam decided to give it a go. I believe there was some opposition from Sam's Mum, rightly so but she came round to the idea.
They got a room and and were as happy as Larry, Roxanne even got on better with her Mum now she was away from home. In fact the same thing happened to my daughter Sheila and I, way back.
Spent Christmas 2006 at Steve and Sarah's and I couldn't believe it they bought me a larder fridge for Christmas, I was shocked pleasantly, I might add.

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