Friday, 5 December 2008

Page 177

The horse and carriage drew up to the reception hall , everybody was waiting for them and they looked really happy.

The food was really delicious and we all had a good laugh at some of the comments made during the speeches. After the reception was over I nipped home , as I was concerned about Meg my little dog, being left for so long as she would be wanting to go for a walk . Believe me she was desperate so out we went in my finery I did feel a little overdressed (putting it mildly) taking the dog for a walk. One had to do what one had to do. Then back I went just in time for Steve and Sarah taking to the dance floor.We all had a really good time and all too soon it was time to go home. Sandi was staying over at mine as she lived in a beautiful little village called Cosgrove just outside of Milton Keynes much too far to travel late at night and having had a few drinks, also we had a lot to catch up on as I hadn't seen her for a while.
Steve and Sarah left to spend the night at St.Michaels Manor Hotel and in a couple of days would be going to Cuba for their honeymoon

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