Monday, 8 December 2008

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I somehow got through Christmas Day I don't know how. Taking Meg out was a chore in itself but we managed. Everyone was ringing me to make sure I was ok.
A couple of days before New Years Eve I was really in pain again, the antibiotics had made no difference at all. Sarah rang me and persueded me to go back to the doctor. She came and took me and this time I saw my own Doctor she immediately took me for an E.C.G as she thought at first it was a heart attack so I was duly wired for sound but it came back normal. My Doctor said she thought it might be Gall Stones and said I should go immediately to the hospital and she would ring ahead so they would be ready for me.
I was terrified I had no idea what Gall stones was I had obviously heard of it but new nothing about it. Thank goodness Sarah was with me when we got to the hospital Sarah rang Steve he was at work and he met us at the hospital. We waited for ages before I saw a Doctor and then I was poked and prodded and blood was taken and back to waiting again. I suggested Steve and Sarah go home as this was no way to spend your holiday but they stayed, I was glad as I didn't really want them to go I was scared.
Eventually the bloods came back and they said they were pretty sure it was my Gall Bladder and wanted me to stay in overnight so they could observe me then the next day they wanted me to have a scan to confirm the diagnosis. I really didn't want to stay in but it was best I realised this
The last time I had been in hospital was 1965 when I had the twins. I had to wait a while and during that time Steve and Sarah went to get me some night clothes and toiletries. I was eventually taken to a ward which really took me a back as it was all men I was the only women. Steve and I couldn't believe it and when the Doctor came I told her that I was not going to stay overnight in this ward I would discharge myself first. She said that wasn't wise but I insisted. She went away and a nurse came and said they would be moving me to another ward where I would be more comfortable.
I had no idea they had mixed wards, they were mostly really old men coughing and spluttering and I just couldn't handle it. I was eventually taken to another ward that was all women, much better I could cope now.
I thanked Steve and Sarah they had been amazing and they went home and said they would ring in the morning to see the result of the scan. The nurse came and gave me some special socks to wear she said they were to avoid DVT and I was also given an injection in my stomach to thin the blood another preventative. Getting to sleep was really difficult it was so noisy but I evebtually dropped off and was woken with a cup of tea at I think 6.30am.
I was absolutely starving hungry I hadn't eaten for days but they said I couldn't have anything until after the scan. They did let me have two cups of tea which took the hunger pangs away a little. Also I had no pain at all.

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