Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Page 181

I had a shower and watched everybody eating their breakfast and I couldn't have anything, I was starving. Time was passing it got to 11.30am and the nurse came and said there had been a car accident so the scan would not be free and would I like some dinner. I said yes please.
The dinners were brought round about ten minutes later and it looked delicious and believe me it was. For pudding it was my favourite treacle sponge and custard.
A nurse came to my bed with a wheelchair and said she had come to take me for a scan I said I had just had dinner as the other nurse said it wouldn't be done today. She said I couldn't have it done now as I had eaten , so she was going to ask the Doctor if I could go home and come as an outpatient in the morning.
I waited and waited and about 1 hour later was told I could go home. My appointment for the scan was at 10.00am the next morning. I rang Sarah , as Steve was at work and bless her she came and picked me up and also said she would go with me for the scan. I couldn't have a better daughter-in-law.
Meg had been driving them mad at night she wanted to get on the bed then off the bed then go downstairs she was a nightmare for them. She just couldn't settle. So tonight they would be glad to see the back of her.
I had the scan and it confirmed I had gall stones so now I had to wait to have them removed how long that would take they couldn't say. One thing though it would be keyhole surgery so I would hopefully be in and out the same day. The last operation I had was my tonsils removed in 1951. I was really scared. They did say if the pain came back I must go straight to the hospital.
That night I was dreading the Irishman next door as it was New Years Eve it was bound to be a drunken night.
Jim, Lesley's husband had moved in with his new woman friend, she was perfect for him as she had a pub and drink was no.1 in his priorities. Later that evening Jim rang me on the verge of tears saying he was really worried about his son Frankie , he knew he wasn't happy at home as Lesley had also got a new man in her life and the children were not happy with this. He said he wanted Frankie to go and live with him and would I ask Lesley if he could. I asked him if he was sure and did his new girlfriend want him there. He said yes it was driving him mad. I said I would ask her and ring him back.
I really didn't think Frankie would want to live with them but I had to ask. Lesley was shocked and said she would ask Frankie what he thought and ring me back.

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