Saturday, 13 December 2008

Page 184

Lesley had got a job at Sainsbury's but in HR she really enjoyed it, much better than working on the checkout. It was so handy working just around the corner from home. This I believe was full time. Roxanne was now in Sixth Form.
Chris , Lesley's husband was unable to work due to his heart condition but would soon be going to have surgery, which hopefully would drastically improve his quality of life. It was fraught with danger , as any open heart surgery is. It was certainly a worrying time for them both. It would be done at a hospital in London.
All too soon time for the operation approached , it was a double edged sword , as part of you wanted it done but the other half was scared to death. It was difficult for Lesley making the journey from Milton Keynes but she did it every day. His Mum was there also.
The operation had been a success and hopefully in time he would be able to work and enjoy life without having breathing difficulties that held him back.
I think he had only been out of hospital a month when he got himself a job. That proved what a difference the operation had made. I forgot to add previously he had been a PE Teacher until the heart problem reared its ugly head. What a terrible blow that must have been.
Lesley and he were so happy the future looked good and hopefully Roxanne would come to terms with her Mum and Dad's breakup and realise that life is not perfect. In an ideal world we would all like perfect relationships and families but we are talking about human nature and sometimes you outgrow each other. One stands still , no ambition , the other wants to move on in life.
They saw a house to let that they both fell in love with , it was in the grounds of a stately home called Chicheley House near Newport Pagnall very rural but beautiful. They decided to go and have a look at it and if they really liked it they would sell the house. well needless to say they fell in love with it and really jumped in with both feet with out really thinking it through. It would be very difficult for Roxanne to get to school as Lesley didn't drive. They put the house on the market and prepared to move into the house in Chicheley. It was really huge high ceilings beams massive rooms. I could see why they wanted it. Peacocks in the grounds. It was really the fact that it was in the back of beyond.

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