Tuesday, 16 December 2008

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An appointment was made for me to view the bungalow with a lettings officer for the Wednesday 30th November. Steve came with me. It was the end bungalow of just three in a Lane. Just 5 minute walk from Steve and Sarah's house. I was concerned about the size of the rooms as I had quite a large Sofa and chair and it was so comfy I would be loth to get rid of it. I was pleasantly surprised the lounge was quite big it had a recessed window so my dining table and chairs would fit perfectly. The kitchen was tiny but have found it to be very workable for one person. The bedroom was a really good size also. all in all I was impressed and said that I would like to accept it. I couldn't believe it she said I should take over the tenancy on the 5th December which was the following Monday this meant I would have to pack everything in my flat, arrange removal and utilities in both properties, it was impossible. Then the lettings officer said she would ring the gas people as the central heating needed to be checked , the bungalow had been empty for about 6 months and the heating had been drained. They couldn't come until the 6th December so I wouldn't be able to move in until after that , so she gave me another week until 12th December I could breathe again. Moving day came and Steve picked up the van and his friend was supposed to help him but he was not well so there was just Steve and I . Sarah's Dad was going to help us when he finished work. Poor Steve he was amazing he carried things down the stairs on his own like sofa, chair, dining table and chairs I don't know how he did it. I did my bit also like the small things . We waited for Bob to help lift the fridge/freezer and cooker and all the really big stuff. It was really hard work but we managed it and my furniture did fit ok. I stayed at Sarah's that night as I had no curtains up and felt very exposed but the bungalow felt like home and my little dog thought so too. I decided this would be my last move, Steve worked his socks off to get it sorted for me like curtain rails etc.... I think because it had been empty so long even the walls had got cold and it took a good couple of weeks for it to feel warm. Christmas was here again. I spent Christmas at Steve and Sarah's with her Mum and Dad and we had a great time. Lesley and Chris bought Roxanne a moped to help her get around. I was worried sick as she used to have problems with a push bike so heaven knows how she would get on with a scooter, although it only had a top speed of 30mph she also had to have tuition before she could ride it. I really don't know how she coped what with the bad weather and the roads into Bletchley being so busy the journey took about 45 minutes on a good day. Before long she was dashing about here there and everywhere. Frankie seemed to have settled with his Dad and now wife, he was left pretty much to his own devices as they had to run the pub. He also got used to the commuting to school. I am sad to say none of us saw him or heard from him , hopefully that would change ,we did try.

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Roxy said...

It may have been restricted to 30mph, but after 2000km the restriction wore off and I could do 45 with a good tail wind ;)