Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Page 182

Jim said if there was any problem with his girlfriend then he and Frankie would get somewhere to live on their own. He didn't care what it took he just wanted him with him. He didn't even mention Roxanne.
Several hours later Lesley rang me and said she had spoken to Frankie and he said he wanted to go and live with his Dad as he didn't like Lesley's boyfriend. Lesley was heartbroken but like she said she couldn't stop him going as he would never forgive her. They used to be so close she was definitely being blamed but you couldn't expect the children to understand the breakdown of a marriage.
I rang Jim back and he was in a restaurant with his girlfriend I told him that Frankie did want to live with him and he said "you have given me a problem now, I didn't think Lesley would let him". I then realised he didn't really want him and was relying on Lesley saying no. I could also tell he was drunk so said he could ring me when he was sobre. Then his girlfriend came on the line and said she knew nothing about this but if Jim wanted Frankie then it would be ok. I also suggested that Jim ring Frankie as soon as possible as the poor lad would want to know what was happening. This was a huge thing it could make or break Frankie. I must admit I was proud of Lesley for leaving the decision to Frankie but shocked that Frankie wanted to go. Even more shocked at Jim's reaction. Only two hours ago he would do anything to have Frankie with him now it was a problem.
The next morning Lesley rang me and said Frankie was really upset as Jim had not been in touch with him and was now thinking it was just the drink talking. I said I would ring him and tell him he had to ring Frankie immediately and let him know what was happening.
I did ring him and again he said I had given him a huge problem but I said it wasn't me it was him not thinking things through and not talking it over with his girlfriend. I said that Frankie was now thinking it was just talk and he was so upset. I told Jim that he should ring straight away or risk losing his son altogether. He promised he would and let me know. Jim did ring him and it was agreed that Frankie would go and live with his Dad in Berkhamsted. School was going to be a problem as Frankie really didn't want to change schools
He would have to take the train from Berkhamsted to Bletchey which was a half hour journey each way. It was a bad time to change schools at 13 yrs old. At least this way Roxanne would still see him at school.

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