Friday, 12 December 2008

Page 183

It was a really difficult time Frankie going to live with his Dad. I don't think Lesley could believe it but like she said if she had refused to let him go he would never have forgiven her, this way if it didn't work out he could always come home. We all asked him to keep in touch.
Roxanne wasn't too happy at home she couldn't get on with Lesley's boyfriend and I must admit I thought he tended to take over the running of the house. Lesley liked this as Jim her almost ex husband never did a thing. I don't think he knew how to make a cup of tea even.
Lesley's ex husband was getting married to the current girlfriend in I believe May 2004 after a very short time needless to say he didn't invite Lesley but incidentally he did still ring her sometimes. I hope this new lady knows what she is taking on, although from what I have heard she will give as good as she gets. He may have met his match. The bully could be the one bullied.
Lesley also decided to get married in June 2004 it was going to be a small family wedding. Just myself, Steve and Sarah his Mum and Dad and brother and sister and of course Roxanne and Frankie . It was a registry Office wedding and Lesley had laid on a buffet which was really nice. I t was also a really lovely warm sunny day. Perfect for a wedding. We all had a really lovely day and Lesley looked radiant.

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