Monday, 1 December 2008

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Ian rang me and said he had received a letter from his council saying all the checks had been made and to just wait for a date to move. I also received a similar letter saying virtually the same. Ian said a friend of his was going to help him do the decorating at the weekend.
Steve had already got me loads of boxes from work so I could now start packing , I didn't think I had so much stuff. It is surprising what you gather over time.
Lesley the children and myself went to find me a nice outfit for Steve and Sarah's wedding, I wanted to do them proud. We went to Jaques Vert the designer store within Debenhams and a personal shopper came to help us. She brought out this amazing outfit which I really liked, it was a burgundy Indian Style trousers and sleeveless top with a long coat all embroidered . Very difficult to describe. I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly, it was very expensive but everyone thought it was well worth it. There was even a bag to match the outfitThe following week Sarah and her Mum came to Milton Keynes to look at wedding dresses and I went with them, she picked a really beautiful dress that looked amazing.
Ian and I both received letters saying the exchange was to be 1st April we could now arrange to hire a van. Steve and his mate Paul were going to move me. Everything was packed Lel and the kids came over to help on moving day and Sarah. It was all rush as we had to synchronise the vans otherwise one of us would have to wait for the other to move out. If we got it right both properties would be empty we we arrived.
Everything was loaded on the van and off they went I followed with Meg and Lel and the children to drop them off at their house and then go on to Hemel Hempstead. Poor Meg she was wondering what was going on.
I finally arrived at the flat and they had almost finished unloading the van. I couldn't believe the change as I walked into the flat it looked so much bigger I think because of the magnolia paint instead of the loud Orange and Blue. He had done a really excellent job. He had even put new worktops in the kitchen. This was the first time Sarah had seen the flat and was well impressed. Meg seemed to like it too. It was going to be a bit of a nuisance for toilet purposes as I had been used to just letting her go in the garden but now I would have to take her downstairs for proper regular walks. We would soon get used to it.

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This is a great life story what
a strong woman your are to deal with so much in your life.Could you post more pictures of your family