Monday, 15 December 2008

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Roxanne somehow got to school I think she needed to catch two buses. She was now in sixth form and had quite a few free periods.
I received a letter from the hospital with an appointment to have my Gall Bladder removed on October 24th. I couldn't believe it, of all the dates it had to be the same date as Sheila's accident.
It was to be day surgery, so all being well I should be out the same day. Steve and Sarah were going to have Meg and after the operation I was going to stay with them for a couple of days.
What would I do without them, I am so lucky to get on really well with my daughter-in-law. The day soon came and I was terrified , Steve took me and stayed a while until they started to get me ready for the operation it was about 11.00am.
The next thing I knew I was back in the ward the nurses said it was all over, I couldnt believe it I felt ok. They got me out of bed and walked me around the ward , this was to help the circulation I think. I thought it would be painful but it wasnt. I just felt a little wobbly.
Lesley rang me to see how I was and said she would come to the hospital after work . I asked the nurse what time visiting was and she said I would be going home this afternoon. I told Lesley and she said they would come to Steve's house.
At 3.30pm the Doctor came and checked me over and said I could go home and just to take it easy and that I should be able to be back to normal in about two weeks. I phoned Steve and asked if he could pick me up when he finished work but he said he would come straight away.
When Steve came they couldn't find a wheelchair to take me to the car so I had to walk and my legs were like jelly but I managed it.
By the time I got home I felt worn out . I had only been there about 10 minutes when suddenly I felt really sick and I don't know how but made it to the toilet just in time and I was violently sick and felt really unwell.
I went to bed quite early and slept like a log. The next morning I felt quite a bit better and gradually over a couple of day,s felt well enough to go home. This was the first time since Sheila's accident that we hadn't gone to the Cemetary on the anniversary.
At the end of November 2005 I received a letter from the council offering me a one bedroom bungalow near to where Steve and Sarah lived. I couldn't believe it I knew I was on the transfer list but that had only been for about a year and to get a bungalow I was thrilled .
When I went to look at it I fell in love with it. There was a small fully fenced back garden which would be perfect for Meg and quite a big front garden. I could only look outside as I didn't as yet have the keys.

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