Wednesday, 3 December 2008

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It was getting close to Steve and Sarah's wedding. Steve and I took Frankie to be measured for his pageboy outfit and I bought a really nice hat, not that I liked hats but felt it necessary. Another day Sarah, her Mum myself and Roxanne went for a fitting for Roxanne's bridesmaid dress, it was a beautiful dark blue.
Steve and Sarah had also bought a 3 bedroom house, they had so much to arrange what with the house and wedding. They had arranged a coach and pair. It was certainly going to be a day to be remembered and then a honeymoon in Cuba.
The day of the wedding, 6th July 2002 arrived, Lesley & Jim took the children to Graca, Sarah's mums house and then came to Steve and Sarah's house I met them there to make sure Steve was ready and give him a little moral support. He looked so smart I was so proud of him. Being 6` 2" the long midnight blue coat he wore looked amazing with the cream waistcoat.
We left to go to the church and meet up with everyone, my cousin Anne and her husband Alan from Yorkshire were there and Sandi a friend of mine and Steve's from Ovaltine and another friend of ours Kay and of course Lesley and their Dad. There was also several friends and families of Steve's. The rest were all Sarah's family and friends. We all went in the church Steve stood with Jim and we waited for Sarah to arrive. Suddenly the music started and Sarah entered the church on her Dad's arm she looked absolutely beautiful , following behind were two adult bridesmaids and Roxanne and two pageboys. They all looked amazing. It was very emotional.
The service began it is such a beautiful church and Steve and Sarah were absolutely beaming.
and looked so happy. All too soon it was over and the register was signed and out we went to the grounds for the photographs to be taken. From the very start a vidio was being filmed.
After the photographs were taken we all followed the Bride and Groom to the road in front of the church to where was waiting a beautiful coach and two lovely horses which was going to take them to the reception. It was a superb spectacle. I thought to myself at the time that Sheila would have absolutely loved the coach and pair. She always said thats what she would have when she got married but sadly it wasn't to be.
Everybody else got in their cars and went to the reception and waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive, I must add the weather was really warm and sunny which added to the ambiance. The reception hall was really beautiful with loads of flower arrangements the theme being blue and white. it was a scene to behold.

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Camila Julia said...

It all sounds so lovely and I'm glad Steve and Sarah got together in the end. It must have been such a bitter sweet day.

I am Cuban raised in the USA. I just wondered what Steve and Sarah thought of Cuba? Hope they had a lovely time!