Wednesday, 17 September 2008

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Sheila`s behaviour didnt improve in fact it got worse. We were all really fed up with her attitude. I rang the Social Services just to see if I could get some counselling or some help. I told Sheila and she immediately started getting upset, saying I was going to put her in care. I was shocked this had never crossed my mind, that is something I would never do , it would be over my dead body. I managed to convince her that all I was trying to do was to get her and myself some help, as I was at a loss as to how to get through to her. She accepted this and said she didnt know why she was being like this but hoped we could get help.

About a week later I received an appointment for Sheila and myself to see a social worker. The first thing I made clear in front of Sheila was that there was no way I would let her be in care, I would put up with whatever she threw at me , verbally of course.

The three of us had a good chat and then Sheila went in on her own, she came out crying gave me a big hug and said she would try her best to sort herself out. The social worker said would it be possible for Sheila to go away to a relative for a few days, as while she was trying to sort things out she didnt want interference from Lesley and Stephen.

Linda had by now moved to Southampton , she had a flat there and I suggested to Sheila that she might like to go there for a few days, if it was ok with Linda, who now had another child by a different father, who was not on the scene. Sheila said she would like to go so I contacted Linda and she said she would love the company.

We were all pleased to put some space between Lesley, Stephen and myself and Sheila. Things had been very fraught. I put Sheila on the coach to Southampton ,Linda was going to meet her at the other end. I told Sheila I loved her and asked her to ring me at least a couple of times a week

I hated any of my children being away from home but in this case it was necessary. Lesley came home from work feeling really ill , she looked terrible and went straight to bed. Steve`s foot was so much better, it may be coincidence but for his birthday we had bought him a set of weights and a bench and since he had been using them he had improved his posture so much and had virtually no pain in his foot. It was juvenile arthritis and the consultant said it could disappear as quickly as it came around 14 or 15yrs old.

The next morning I went to look in on Lesley and she was much worse , so much so I called the Doctor out, I would have to have at least the morning off, thank goodness my boss was also my friend. The Doctor took some blood and said he thought she had Glandular Fever and that we would know in a couple of days. Sheila had had it a couple of years ago and its not nice.

Lesley received a letter from QE2 Hospital giving her a start date for the nursing. I had to ring them and tell them she had Glandular Fever and that she would not be able to make the date. I was asked to hold and when the lady came back she said that anyone who had that would not be able to start nursing for approx 6 months, maybe longer depending on a blood test. This was a real blow to Lesley even though she now had a serious relationship with Ian and therefore not to keen to live in Welwyn Garden City.

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