Wednesday, 24 September 2008

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Steve really was in agony with his shoulder so we went to Casualty. It was a long wait but the news was good , they said it was just badly bruised and to rest it as much as possible. They gave him some painkillers and didnt want to see him again.

Sheila decided she was going to buy a moped a Honda Melody that you just sat on and drove, no gears. She soon got to grips with it and was flying about. She was really fed up with the laundry work and got a job at what was then the Aubrey Park Hotel in Redbourn as a waitress at their restaurant. The scooter was invaluable, as they were midnight finishes so no public transport at that time. I was getting really tired as I was waiting up for her, I had visions of her laying by the roadside after falling off the thing. It was good though we were able to have some good chats uninterrupted.

Sheila stayed at that job for a couple of months and then decided she wanted something different. A friend of hers was working at The Noke Hotel in St Albans as a chambermaid and said how much fun it was so Sheila applied and got a job. She really loved it and had hopes of working behind the bar when she was 18 yrs old.

The manager promised her a job and also asked her if she would like to live in as they needed a chambermaid on hand at all hours, also when she worked behind the bar, living in would be good as she wouldnt have to ride home on the scooter in all weathers. I thought this would be good for her as we were still having behaviour problems. I had to arrange for Lesley to visit when Sheila was out otherwise it would be like a war zone. I had this feeling that a little independence could only be beneficial. Perhaps we could all get on better with a little space.

Sheila had been taking driving lessons and couldnt wait to pass her test. She was a really good driver and providing nerves didnt interfere I was pretty sure she would pass first time. Fingers crossed.

I went to look at the room she had been given and it was really cosy but plain, so Sheila and I went shopping and I bought her a really nice bed set including a duvet, a couple of matching cushions and bits and bobs. She had access to a staff kitchen and I think a good time was had by all. She was a very popular girl as she was so outgoing.

Lesley and Ian had bought a lovely little cottage in Catlin Street, Boxmoor it was really lovely with a really old quince bush around the front door. I was really jealous but really pleased for them.

Steve was still working in Watford but was getting a bit fed up with the travelling and the job. I was still working at Sidal Aluminium and asked the warehouse manager if there were any vacancies for my son, he was almost 18yrs old. He said he was at the moment looking for a young lad to train up. We arranged for Steve to go for an interview.

Steve was really pleased, he said he quite fancied the work and it was in Hemel so hardly any travelling. The interview went well , he had a really good work record , no sick days at all in the 2 years he had been there. He got the job, he was well pleased.

I received a letter from Dennis who was in prison and he said he was being released the following week and could he stay with us. I really wasnt too keen on this but didnt feel I had any choice. He had no where else to go and now Sheila was not living at home we had a spare room. He promised me faithfully he was finished with the drugs as being in prison had been like rehab. I just wish I could have believed him but I knew that once he got out he would revert to type but I hoped I was wrong.

Steve started work at Sidal and seemed to be really enjoying it. Sheila too was loving living in and the job. In 5 months the twins would be 18 yrs old and Lesley 21 yrs old . (March 23rd and 24th respectively).

Angel our Great Dane was not very well she seemed listless and generally unwell. I took her to the vet and they did quite a few tests on her gave her an injection and said they would be in touch when they had the test results, which should be a couple of days. In the meantime they gave me some antibiotics. The vet said she thought Angel had a womb infection but the tests would tell her.

Angel meant so much to me I had had her for nearly six years and she never left my side. The tests came through and the vet was right, Angel needed a hysterectomy to save her life. Thank goodness she was insured as this operation would cost approx. £500. The operation was the next day and I was so scared for Angel.

I rang Sheila she was shocked it had been so sudden, she said she had two days off so would come over and stay overnight to help me get Angel to the surgery in the morning. Steve couldnt have time off as he had just started his new job.

Morning came far too soon , I`m sure Angel knew something was wrong as usually she loved getting in the car but this morning it took Sheila and I ages to coax her in. We were exhausted. She was very big, for instance she could look over our 6 ft fence in the garden. I took Sheila back home and unfortunately I had to go to work. The vet said they would ring me as soon as the op. was over.

About midday my phone rang and it was the vet saying the operation had been a success and Angel was just waking up, to give it an hour or so before picking her up. I rang Sheila and told her we were both so relieved. I put the phone down and it rang again almost immediately. It was the vet again saying she was very sorry but Angel had just died. I said but I had just been told she was ok , she said her heart had just given out. I put the phone down, I was in shock. I went and told my boss what had happened and she said to go to the vet and find out what was happening and take the rest of the day off.

I went straight home to tell Sheila, I couldnt ring her she would be devastated. She couldnt believe it either and we both went to the vet. They were equally devastated and couldnt believe what had just happened. Sheila and I were both able to see Angel then we went home. Our other little dog Candy would miss her so much she was almost 10 yrs old.

Sheila and I shed a few tears and then she had to go home as she had bits and pieces she needed to do. I was so pleased Sheila had been with me today.

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