Thursday, 18 September 2008

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Sheila rang me and said she was doing a lot of thinking and realised she had been behaving like an idiot. Things were going to change when she came home. She also asked if she could stay another week I said she could.

Lesley was feeling a lot better it had been just over a week. Ian was with her when he could. They were really getting on well.

I received a letter from my brother Dennis who had been living in a place called Newark, Notts. but at the moment was in a rehab centre . He had again been caught stealing Doctors bags he was now a real heroin addict. He had been told by his Consultant that if I would let him live with me and agree to keep him out of trouble then the judge who was about to review his case might release him in my custody....I was dubious about this, I hadnt actually seen him for about 6 years and didnt know if I really wanted the hassle that I knew he would bring. I decided to ask the kids what they thought as whatever I did would affect them.I spelt everything out to Lesley and Stephen and they thought we should give him a chance to change. I phoned Sheila and she agreed with them.

The review of his case was in a weeks time so I phoned the Consultant and said we were prepared to give him a chance I thought that would be it but no he said I would have to appear before the judge and he would put a series of questions to me and dependant on my answers would say yes or no. I didnt like this idea but had no choice.

The Consultant said he would see me before the court review and go over a few things with me about Dennis. He said he felt Dennis had enough of the drug scene and at last wanted to stay clean. I thought to myself another one has been taken in ,although he was my Brother I knew he could make these people believe in him but I knew better. Still we would give him a chance. He would have to stay off drugs for a given time ,which the judge would specify, or go to prison.

I saw the consultant and yes he was quite young and gullible he had gone for Dennis`s promises hook line and sinker. I was sceptical and I hadnt seen Dennis yet. We went to court and first of all Dennis was grilled and then it was my turn . He asked about my family their ages their thoughts on Dennis coming to live with us and loads of other things. It must have gone down well as he released Dennis into my custody for 3 months if he re-offended in that time he would go straight to prison for 6 months. I thought this would be a good deterrent.

His face was a picture. The first thing we did was to get a cup of coffee and I wanted to lay some ground rules. We then drove home . The kids were all eagerly awaiting him, they thought the world of him. Before long our house was ringing with laughter. He had a real knack of getting everybodies spirits up.

We all jumped in the car and went to see my Dad as he hadnt seen Dennis since my Mum died so it was very emotional. Dennis really liked my Dads flat and it only being 5minutes away from us was great.

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