Thursday, 18 September 2008

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Sheila came home and for a while things were good but it soon changed Lesley and Sheila just couldnt get on it was one slanging match after another. Sheila was messy, her side of the bedroom was really bad and this drove Lesley crazy.

Dennis was once more taking drugs ,how he was getting them I could only guess. I asked him if he had forgotton about the suspended sentence, he said he hadnt and would take his chances. He was going out around 9.00am and returning high on drugs in the evening. He was obviously shop lifting probably in London.

One day Lesley was getting ready to go out and couldnt find a silver ingot that Ian had given her she always kept it in the same place with all her jewellery and now her jewellery box was empty. She couldnt understand this as her door had a padlock and it was locked when she went in. She called me and we had a good look at the door and could see that the hasp where the lock attaches was all scratched as if the screws had been removed and put back but had not been lined up properly.

Then we both said at the same time `Dennis` this was his M.O. when he lived with us before he had done similar things ie the gas and electric meters and many other things. I couldnt wait for him to come home but he didnt.

The next morning I received a telepnone call from a probation officer saying Dennis had been arrested for stealing a Doctors bag and shoplifting and had been found with illegal drugs in his possesion. He was to appear before the magistrate that morning and he should be remanded in custody due to the suspended sentence he had from Newark but there was no guarantees.

They said I could ring at about 3.00pm to find out. I didnt have to they let Dennis ring me, he had been remanded in custody and he said he would automatically get 6 months and probably another year on top for the other charges. I didnt mention the jewellery as you dont kick a dog when its down. He would get his punishment being incarcerated.

The kids were shocked when I told them but they realised it was better for us or he would have made our lives hell.

Sheila and Lesley were getting worse arguing all the time it was like a war zone, they really didnt get on at all.

It got so bad that Lesley and Ian decided to look for somewhere for them both to live, I was a bit concerned as Lesley was only 19 and they had only been going out for about a year and a half but I understood.

A couple of weeks later they found a really nice ground floor flat in Boxmoor and lucky for them they got it. It was a hive of activity as they needed furniture etc.... and it was in need of a little TLC. but it was lovely.

I would miss Lel but it was only about ten minutes away. It made me realise that my children were growing up.

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