Sunday, 21 September 2008

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Lesley and Ian moved into their flat at Boxmoor and I felt choked, I would miss Lesley a lot but they were happy and it wasnt far away.

Sheila had been talking to a lad on the CB called Andy from Kings Langley and although she hadnt met him she really liked him. I said to Sheila that if she wanted to meet him he could come to our house just in case he wasnt who he said he was. So she invited him round for a cup of tea. He was a really nice lad, so at ease with us. Told us all about his family, his Mum and Dad were divorced and there were three boys and a girl. Andy was the youngest boy and his sister was the baby of the family. He stayed for a couple of hours.

Sheila and Steve both had got jobs . I had taken them to Watford as there was nothing in Hemel. Sheila had a job in a laundry and Steve at a clothing warehouse. They were not the type of jobs they wanted but they could still look for something else while having a bit of money.

Sheila said she had been thinking of selling Outlaw as working and also having a boyfriend and still waitressing now and then was too much. She wasnt giving Outlaw the attention he needed not having a horsebox after Mikes exit she couldnt compete.

One of the girls at the stables had hinted to Sheila that if she ever thought of selling Outlaw she would be interested, so I said decide on a price and ask the girl. It would be a sad day but it would be better for him. The girl jumped at the chance so our life with horses , which we had all enjoyed came to an end.

Steve had got fed up of all the travelling by bus and train to Watford so decided to buy a small motor bike 50cc . This was all he could ride at 16 yrs old. He had real trouble mastering it but did after a few trial and errors and loss of temper in frustration. Before long he loved it.

My Dad was doing really well He had been in touch with the lady who had lived next door to him in Rotherham and arranged to go and visit her for a couple of weeks and she was going to come back with him for a while. I was so pleased for them as they were both lonely.

I was getting fed up with where we lived it was horrid, there was only six houses in the close but their houses were filthy. All arguments were settled by fighting, the police were regular visitors. I put in some cards in the local shops asking for an exchange to anywhere in Hemel with a few exceptions. Mike had now got a council one bedroom flat, we never saw him.

Dennis had been sent to prison for 6 months , less than he had anticipated but would give us a break. We had found loads of other things missing. If it wasnt nailed down then he had taken it.

I had forgotten about the adverts I had put in the shops, as they had now expired but I received a telephone call from someone in Gadebridge in a maisonette, they were very interested and asked if they could come and have a look at our house, I said yes and just prayed there wouldnt be any trouble in the street.

They came and really liked it ,they were expecting a baby in a few months and really wanted a house, as the stairs up to the maisonette would be difficult with a pram, although I had managed .What a coincidence, their maisonette used to be my friend Maureens , just two doors away from where we used to live. We arranged to look at it the next night.

I had forgotten how nice and spacious and light these maisonettes were, they had done so much work to it the master bedroom had fitted wardrobes and was really well decorated. All the woodwork in the lounge was highly polished mahogany. I fell in love with it. I said I definitely wanted to exchange and they said they did too.

They had built in a mahogany bar which they said they hoped we wanted it as it was a fixture. I said we did and that I would leave all the carpets which were only about 12 months old. They were really pleased with that. The following morning I contacted the council and set things in motion .The other couple had already been in touch. It was now the waiting game. Sheila and Steve were really pleased too.

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