Monday, 22 September 2008

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Sheila and Andy were getting on well she seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. They spent a lot of time at Andy`s house. At last we received confirmation of the house exchange, we were to move in two weeks. I rang the other people to make sure they had also received notfication and they had. The timing of the move was up to us so we agreed a time. Packing to begin in earnest now.

My Dad was thrilled to bits we were moving just around the corner from him. He came to look at the maisonette and really liked it. He said he would like to buy us a carpet for the lounge, it would be his housewarming present. I was thrilled as I would have had to wait until I had saved up enough money.

The move came and went , this time quite uneventful no deaths or breakages. We all loved the house we had room to breathe. The dogs liked the huge garden as the last one had been quite small. This one even had a pear tree.

Sheila and I were getting dinner ready when the phone rang , it was Steve he had been involved in an accident on his moped with a car . panic struck in but I realised he was ok as he was talking to me. He said he had hurt his shoulder . He had got all the details from the other lady driver and given his. He told us where it was and Sheila and I jumped in the car to get him. This was what I had dreaded. No-one new better than me the dangers of motor bikes from past experience but you cant mollie coddle your children too much.

Steve was really shaken up from what he said about the accident it was a 50/50 situation. His shoulder looked very painfull but only bruised as we thought.


Sammie said...

No entry for today?
I check your blog every day for updates. I'm enjoying it very much!

shemic said...

I am sorry there was no blog yesterday but I had a problem with my broadband. I am glad you are enjoying it. Thank you very much