Sunday, 14 September 2008

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At last Mike arrived and I said I had something to tell him , so would he sit down so that we could talk, the children were upstairs. He asked what the problem was and I just blurted out that I had started divorce proceedings, the look of shock on his face was priceless. He then said didn’t I think I had over reacted, I replied that I knew I hadn’t and reminded him of what I had said about one more act or threat of violence and this was what I would do. He said so what next , I said he would have to move out and find somewhere to live, this didn’t go down very well. I said he could go to the council and try and get a flat or if not a room somewhere, he wasn’t impressed but I was amazed at how calmly he was taking this. I think secretly he was perhaps pleased.

I continued to sleep in Sheila`s bed and her on the sofa I felt really guilty but she wouldn’t have it any other way. I was so proud of her. Things were very uncomfortable in our house as the kids made it very plain that they didn’t mind one bit. This was really sad but he hadn’t listened to me. I had on many occasions said that they wouldn’t want to know him if he didn’t give them attention and make it so plain that they were a hindrance to him.

One evening we were all sat in the front room watching the TV, when Mike asked Sheila to make him a cup of tea just at the most crucial part of the film, she said no she was watching the film he jumped to his feet and before any body could do or say anything had hit her in the mouth and split her lip. I flew at him and told him to get out now and that I now knew I had made the right decision. Poor Sheila she was in bits she was so shocked as were we all. Mike got up and walked out.

I went to see the solicitor again as Mike had not even tried to get somewhere to live and I hoped the solicitor could help. He said he would write a letter to Mike stating that he had to be out of the marital home by a specific date which I cant remember in July he said it couldn’t actually be enforced but perhaps Mike wouldn’t know that.

Mike had made a real fuss about the letter informing him of the reasons I had given for the breakdown of our marriage, he didn’t like it but it was all true so he couldn’t say much..

When the letter arrived he said I hadn’t given him any choice, which was right. I know he had thought initially that I wouldn’t go through with it but now realised I was much stronger and there was no way I would change my mind.

He had been to the council but had been told that when the divorce came through then he could take the decree absolute to them and he would eventually be re-housed. In the meantime he had found lodgings with a elderly lady in Bennetts End, just a room with food provided. He couldn’t move in until the day after the solictors letter stated so I said he could stay until then but no he said the letter said this certain day, just to try and make me feel bad he said he would sleep on a park bench, which he in fact did.

The next day the kids and myself set about spring cleaning the house, almost as if we were trying to get rid of him. We all felt a sense of relief, we felt free not having to tread on eggshells. What a sad indictment.

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