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Brother Dennis with Mum and Dad

He didn’t say much just got stuck in with the packing. He said that he had been talking to an old mate and he had just got a job on the buses and now after what had happened he said he would apply for a job. I didn’t care where he worked as long as he had a job.

True to his word he went out early the next day to see about a job on the buses. He went to
Shepherds Bush Garage. When he came home I could tell he had been lucky and got a job, he said the wages were much more than he had thought and that there would be loads of overtime. It was much more than he was getting chauffeuring in spite of all the hours he had to put in for it. He was riddled with guilt over the accident I don’t think he could quite believe what he had done. Drink has a lot to answer for. At least he could offer his resignation and know he had a job to start, in fact if his boss didn’t want him to go he would have two jobs but we didn’t think that would happen because he would never trust him again. We would see what happened on Monday.

Against all odds we were ready for the removal men on the Monday. The twins were not happy they didn’t understand what was happening, their lives were being disrupted. I had taken Lesley to school and Dennis had come over to help us. Mike had the day off but was waiting for that dreaded phone call from his boss. Sure enough at about 11.00am he was summoned. I don’t think I have ever seen him so scared. Dennis took the twins for a walk to Norman Park and I was supervising the loading of the van. I didn’t think we had so much stuff.

The night before I had cleaned and polished the flat. It looked really nice. I couldn’t wait to get moved in and sorted out. Although with the kids around it would take me twice as long but then again they might be so inquisitive that they would leave me alone.
At last we left Coomer Road the poor removal men had a real tough job on their hands they could only get so much in the lift and as far as I knew there were about 10 families moving today and only two lifts. It was a fight to get to the lifts first.

At last all our stuff was in the flat, Dennis was back with the twins, they were asleep which helped .Then Mike turned up and said he had been really put through the mill by his boss and his wife. They said how disappointed they were with him and that he should have thought about his family before doing such a juvenile thing , they had to dismiss him and could if they felt that way inclined prosecute him but because of his family they wouldn’t but his employment was terminated as of then.

He was due to start training as a bus driver the following Monday which was handy for getting the flat sorted out. If I say it myself we made that flat look really nice, we needed carpets for the bedrooms . The lounge had a really nice red square of carpet that we had bought off my friend Olive when she emigrated to Canada . I had polished the floor tiles around it and it looked great. We had a lovely big mahogany bar that we had bought off my other friend Carol it fitted in really well with the room being so big.

Mike was busy installing the cooker and other bits like fridge and washing machine. I needed a break so Dennis and I went to pick Lesley up from school she was really excited, she couldn’t wait to see her bedroom. The twins were still asleep when we left so they hadn’t seen the flat.

Lesley said she would like a pink carpet and pink curtains. We hadn’t got any curtains up yet but on the tenth floor there was no one overlooking us. She loved her bedroom she had a single bed and a childrens wardrobe and drawer unit and her pink armchair Mikes Mum had bought her a while ago it was a miniature armchair in pink leather. The twins had there cots and each had a wardrobe and drawer unit like Lesley’s. I couldn’t wait to get the carpets . The hallway which was approx. 25ft long x 3ft wide was not having a carpet , Mike and I had decided as it would have to be a play area for the children for there toys. There was a massive cupboard there that was big enough for the twin pram and the big toys ie peddle cars and dolls prams.

We were all shattered it had been a long day. We decided we were going to have fish and chips for dinner so off Dennis went while I set the table and got the children washed and ready for dinner. We had a new dining table that was really big and we could all get around it. The twins were in their highchairs but still pulled up to the table so we were all together which had been something we couldn’t do due to lack of space.

The other thing that was amazing was the twins were fascinated by the toilet, not having had an inside toilet before they couldn’t wait to use it and overnight they were out of nappies fighting to be first to use it the next morning. So now they only had nappies at night which helped a lot with the washing as I didn’t have a washing line anymore. In fact the washing machine became useless and I had to use the Launderette which was only across the road so that I could get everything dried.

I loved the flat it was truly amazing but I was paranoid about the windows and balcony door. I would wake up in a cold sweat having witnessed the children falling out of the windows in my dreams and this was night after night. It started because I went into the twins bedroom one morning and there was Stephen sat on the window ledge trying to open the window.I moved everything away from the window to stop them climbing but they found a way. We had window locks put on but I was still petrified and it was driving me crazy. I had visions of them visiting Mikes Mum and going out on the balcony that was about 4ft high but although she assured me she would keep the door locked when they were there I couldn’t let them go without me. Stupid I know but it seemed to be beyond my control. Mike was beginning to lose patience with me and I could understand that because they were unfounded thoughts I was having.

Incidently Mike was now a fully fledged Bus Driver and absolutely loved the job. He worked loads of overtime and we had loads of money coming in so we bought the carpets. With his first good wage he came home with a beautiful fake fur white jacket for me it was beautiful . He also arranged for his Mum to babysit so we could have an evening out, a real rarity these days. We went to a big pub in Hammersmith picked up his sister June on the way she had a general store in Hammersmith Broadway. She worked so hard a break like this was heaven for her also.

Suddenly a thought came in my head about the twins. I hadn’t impressed upon Mikes Mum to make sure they couldn’t get near the windows and I had forgotten to ask her to keep checking them. I know it was irrational but I said we had better phone her to get her to check them, Mike humoured me but I knew he was finding it difficult to cope with but at least he hadn’t resorted to violence .When I rang, his Mum said she had just looked in on them and they were fast asleep and far away from the windows. She said relax she wouldn’t let any harm come to them. I knew this was true she loved them so much.

I woke up the next morning, went in to wake the children to get ready and to take Lesley to school. I put on the light and couldn’t believe what I saw, they were all covered in spots. Luckily Mike was on a late shift so he came and had a look and said his Mum would know so he went and got her and she said she agreed it did look like measles. There was a knock at the door and it was Carol from upstairs saying she thought Raymond had the measles also. I called the Doctor and he said he would call and see them shortly, to keep the curtains drawn and give them lots to drink, the curtains because the light would hurt there eyes.

The Doctor came a couple of hours later and confirmed measles, he gave me a prescription for something to take there temperatures down and I was to keep them in a warm room . They were all really ill and fractious . I put all three of them in one room it was easier for me that way.
Mike went to work . I hoped I didn’t catch the measles as I had never had them. That would be all we would need. I didn’t catch it the Doctor said I must have a natural immunity from it. The children were ill for about three days then although covered in spots still, they felt a lot better and now wanted to play. This made things easier for me. Mikes Mum only worked half day on Wednesdays so she called in on her way home from work and said for me to go and do a bit of shopping and she would look after the children as I needed a break she made me laugh she said she would also make sure they didn’t go near the windows…..touche…She was so good to me I really did need to get out for a breath of fresh air. I had been indoors for three days

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