Friday, 22 August 2008

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I told the kids their Dad was coming on Sunday and they just said ok and carried on playing. I gave the house an extra clean . Got the kids up nice and early, as I had no idea what time he was coming.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door the kids visibly stiffened they were not looking forward to this at all. It was Mike he said hello to the kids not a kiss or a hug. He just said the house looked different, well it would wouldn’t it after being newly decorated. He said it doesn’t look as though I’ve been missed and I said no you haven’t.

He hadn’t even brought the children any sweets absolutely nothing. You could tell he wasn’t very comfortable being there. I was not going to make it easy for him. Then I couldn’t believe it the kids asked if they could go out and play, not at all bothered about there Dad. Then again he hadn’t shown them any affection since he arrived.

I made a cup of tea to try and relax the situation a bit but it didn’t work , you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Then Mike said I don’t think there’s any point in me coming again if the kids don’t want to know. I said it was his choice but that it works both ways all he had said to them was hello and then ignored them, what did he expect. He said he expected a bit of respect. I said you have to earn that right and that his behaviour over the last few months hadn’t earned any respect. Then he said I must have poisoned them against him, I said I hadn’t said a word other than explaining that he had left us because of money troubles. That was the extent of my poisoning. He certainly didn’t need my help in alienating himself from them. I asked about birthday presents he said he had no money. I said was that after the drink and he got up and once again walked out.

I looked out of the window and he stomped up the hill walked straight past the kids and ignored them. They came running in and said was Dad in a temper. I said I had said something he didn’t like and that was that. Off they went out to play again.

I guessed we wouldn’t see him for a while. He obviously wanted everyone to be pleased to see him and fall at his feet and ask him to come back. Well that would never happen the way I felt right then. He just proved to me that we were definitely better off without him.

I rang June that night and she said she couldn’t believe he was back so soon. When she asked him why, he said I had made it so uncomfortable for him and told the children to ignore him. I told her what really happened and she said she thought it was something like that as she knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t tell the kids to do that . I had brought them up to have minds o f their own even at that young age.

The kids started there summer holidays next week and on the Saturday we were going to my Mum and Dads. We were all looking forward to it. A break away from here would be nice. The next week went really fast loads of washing and ironing to do. Linda came over on the Wednesday it was her half day, she brought loads of fruit and veg from the green grocers she worked at . I told her we were going away on Saturday for two weeks .She said she would miss us all.

Saturday came we were up bright and early and off, it was a real struggle I had two suitcases and really could have done with another one but knew I wouldn’t manage it.

At last we were on the coach to Sheffield we could relax for about 3 hours. I had brought drinks, sandwiches and snacks to keep us going. The children had there I-Spy books which they had already. The coach driver said we would be stopping in about an hour and a half for a cup of tea or whatever, then after about another hour he would stop for a toilet break. Of course the kids asked if we could have something to eat in the services , I said yes, a cake or something they were happy with that.

Soon we were on our way . After about half an hour Stephen and Sheila were asleep and before too long so was Lesley. I wished I could fall asleep like them but no I found it impossible.

They were asleep for a good hour and I had to wake them up as we were at the services if I hadn’t they would not have been very happy. So off we went, the kids had a bun and a soft drink and I had cake and a cup of tea.

Within half an hour we were back on the way to Sheffield.

It didn’t take too long before they were asleep again. This time for the toilet break I didn’t wake them up. We had about an hour to go before we arrived in Sheffield so I woke them up and told them we were almost there .They couldn’t believe it as they had slept ¾ of the way.

At last we arrived, so we gathered everything up and got off and there was my Uncle Doug and my Dad waiting for us. What a lovely feeling seeing my Dad after such a long time. We all bundled into Dougs car and off we went it was only about a 20minute drive to Rotherham and I couldn’t wait to see my Mum and Dennis.

Although we hadn’t been to there new house we had been to Doug’s loads of times and that was identical.

We pulled into the driveway and the kids couldn’t wait to get to my Mum, they loved her so much. There were tears streaming down our faces it was very emotional. So much had happened and I had missed my Mum not being near. I think I had kept myself strong for the children but now seeing my Mum and Dad just opened the flood gates. I felt that after all that I had had to cope with I could now forget it for two weeks and relax safe with my children and my Mum,Dad and Dennis.

Dennis was out at work but my Mum said he was back onto drugs he wouldn’t tell her which. Maybe he would tell me. I could tell it was really getting them down. My Dad looked pale and drawn, he didn’t cope very well with upset like this and I had or my situation had caused it also.

For the next two weeks at least we were going to have a laugh and a good old chat. Dennis would have to keep off the drugs or go and stay somewhere else for the 2 weeks.

My Mum was not well either she was waiting for an appointment to see a consultant. We had a good time though lots of visiting and everyone made a fuss of the kids. They lapped it up.

Dennis promised to not take drugs while we were there. We did have a good chat and he said at the moment he wasn’t addicted he could control it. I am sure most addicts say that at the beginning. He also asked me if he could go back with us and live with us for a while. I said yes he could but no drugs, any sign of drug taking and he was out.

He agreed to that but I wasn’t convinced , I knew from the research I had done that it wasn’t that easy. I said he would have to get a job and I was sure we would get on fine. He then asked if he could tell my Mum and Dad and the kids. The look of relief on my Mum and Dads face said it all, I knew they were not coping well with him , they had there own problems at the moment. The kids were ecstatic they loved there uncle Dennis. I just knew we were going to have some fun.

The two weeks were quickly coming to an end my Mum asked if I would think about moving to Rotherham , I said I would at least think about it .She then gave Dennis a lecture, she said he must toe the line as he couldn’t go back to there house as they couldn’t cope.

We booked another seat for Dennis to go to Hemel at least I wouldn’t have to struggle on my own with the kids and luggage.

I was wondering what I had let myself in for. I hoped he meant what he said. I would like to think he wouldn’t let me down but time will tell. In the meantime it was going to be a laugh.

The journey home was a nightmare first the coach broke down and we were stuck nearly 2 hours waiting for it to be repaired. We eventually got to London Victoria Coach station had to wait another hour as the delay had made us miss the connection to Hemel. At last the coach came, in an hour and we should be home but no the driver got lost. Dennis new London like the back of his hand , he had lived there most of his life so he told the driver the way. Home at last the kids were relieved it had been a long journey, next time we would go by train its so much quicker but twice as expensive.

Poor Lesley she would have to go back in with Sheila and Stephen as Dennis would need her bedroom. She said she didn’t mind. I am afraid it was fish and chips for dinner as we had no food in ,we had been away for two weeks. It was easy too. I had a helper now Dennis went and got them while I got the table ready.

We all sat down for our dinner and the laughter started with Dennis acting the fool. I was really pleased he had come back with us , I would fight to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Dennis and I washed up while the kids played for a while then it would be bath and bed. I am sure they would sleep well.

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