Sunday, 3 August 2008

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Amida went into labour and they were taking her out of the ward when she stopped by my bed and gave me her Koran that she was always reading. I looked at her and realised she trusted me enough for her to leave it in my possession until after the birth. I held her hand and she had tears in her eyes, I felt so sorry for her.
One of the nurses told us that Amida had given birth o two boys but unfortunately one had died. I immediately thought she would probably need her Koran so asked the nurse if I could take it to her. She was so upset and put her arms around me and said thank you.

I only had another week to go, I had put on so much weight I could hardly walk. I was 7st 7lb before I was pregnant and now weighed 13st. I asked the Doctor when he did his rounds if I could go home for the weekend to see my daughter he said as long as I promised not to do anything he didn’t see why not. I could go Friday night and be back for 8.30am Monday. I thanked him then hoped Mike would visit tonight so I could ask him to bring me some clothes. He did luckily and he said Lesley would be pleased to see me ,that he wouldn’t tell her and it would be a surprise. I couldn’t wait.

Friday night came Mike brought my clothes, they were the same ones I had come into hospital in, they had never been taken out of the overnight bag and looked like dish rags. I couldn’t believe it I had no choice but to wear them. I looked a right sight. Thank god I had a decent outer coat to hide it. Fresh air it was wonderful, this was the first time I had been outside in three weeks. We got home and I went upstairs to our flat, Mikes Mum had made it look really nice..bless her. Mike went to get Lesley from Marjories.
I sat there waiting then I heard this strange little voice shouting Mummy, Mummy I hadn’t heard her for so long I felt so overwhelmed. She ran upstairs straight into my arms and we both cried with happiness. I couldn’t stop hugging her, then she said Mummy you are squashing me. Mike looked on I don’t think he had ever felt that feeling of total love,happiness and joy all at one time. He said he felt jealous of what he had just witnessed.

That is really sad and I began to think that this could be his problem he wasn’t able to
make that commitment to another person, he always held back, his upbringing was lacking in love and I suppose you learn these things by example, if there is no love around you, as a child then there is nothing to soak up, I think children are like sponges they soak up everything around them. I told Lesley I was home until Monday then back at the hospital until the next Friday then I would be home with her until the babies came which would be about 4 weeks. I am sure she didn’t understand this but she seemed happy with it. She was such an amazing child . She seemed to have the capacity to handle whatever was put in front of her.

We had a wonderful time Lesley and I we played ,caught up on her reading, I used to show her cards I had made with short words like cat,mat,rat I had been doing this for about 6 months and she knew them all.Mikes Mum had made us a casserole it was delicious. She had been horrible to me when I first went out with Mike but since the motorbike accident we had she had changed. Now we got on really well and she absolutely adored Lesley.

It was lovely being home even if it was only for a weekend. I couldn’t do much, I certainly couldn’t walk far. All too soon Monday morning was here and I had to go back to the hospital, only for another week but I expect it will go slow. I had to say goodbye again to Lesley it didn’t get any easier.

All too soon I was back in my bed, said goodbye to Mike.
Amida had gone home I don’t suppose I will see her again. The girl in the next bed to me had her twins two little girls, all ok. Hopefully it will be my turn soon. It would be nice to have them while I was in there.

Surprisingly the week went quick and it was soon Friday again. Home at last with hopefully at least a month to go. The babies were expected April 20 approx.
Lesley said the only thing she didn’t like at Marjories was that she had to ask if she could leave the table when she had finished her meal, she thought this very odd as it wasn’t something we did and it really bothered her. Otherwise she had enjoyed it.

I did struggle with the shopping and cleaning in fact not much was done,I couldn’t bend very well, I had forgotten what my feet looked like ,Lesley was a big help to me.
Mikes Mum did loads too, Mike did absolutely nothing as usual, if I forgot something from the shops he refused to go and said I would remember next time….nothing changes. It was March 23rd I got up and felt a few twinges but I thought I had been laid funny so I got Lesley and I breakfast and it got worse but was still not bad. I had only been home two weeks I had another 4 weeks to go.

Around 10.00am I was getting a bit concerned the pains were hurting now. The hospital had said twins don’t hang about they come quite quickly. I put Lesley in the pushchair as this gave me something to lean on and set off to walk to the telephone box, about five minutes walk away I had no choice but it was agony I finally made it. On the way I again explained to Lesley that I thought we would soon have the babies but she would have to go to Marjories again but it would be the last time. I rang the hospital they said they would send an ambulance as there was no time to spare. I said no I had my daughter with me that I would get my husband to bring me in. They were not very happy. I phoned Mikes work and thank goodness he was in the yard and was able to come straight away. I started to walk home , by now I was really struggling the pains were stopping me in my tracks but I made it home just as Mike pulled up in of all things a mini he had borrowed.

He was in a right panic, he ran with Lesley to Marjories,then got my overnight bag which was already packed. What a struggle it was getting in the mini, I really needed a tank the young lad Mike had with him to bring the car back was laughing his head off, in the end we all were, I just couldn’t get in. A final heave and in I went. When we got to the hospital they were waiting for me. I was really close to delivery I thought.I was soon prepped and in the labour ward when everything started to happen, I was transferred to the delivery room, Mike asked if he could come to but they said it was not allowed with multiple births. Although I was in terrible pain I just had time to remind him it was Lesley’s birthday the next day Tuesday, her 3rd and I would miss it.

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