Monday, 25 August 2008

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Monday soon came round and I was so busy getting breakfast and the kids ready for school I didn’t have time to be nervous. At last I got them on their way to school I could catch the bus now and be on my way. Why did it feel like I was going in the lions den it was only a temporary job but I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t feel dressed right .

I found my way to the office I had been told to go to and a lady introduced herself and she explained a little about the work I would be doing and where I would be working. She also showed me the canteen and cloakroom. The work I was doing was transferring data from the sheets the researchers had compiled onto special ledgers. Another department would use a formula to see how much tonnage was carried by the lorries on our roads and motorways. I thoroughly enjoyed it and soon got the hang of it.

Before I knew it it was time for a tea break, I couldn’t believe it was 11.00am already. The lady who had showed me the work had a look at what I had done and said she would have to check it but I had done amazingly well. I went to the canteen with two other girls who seemed to be very nice. We chatted and got to know a bit about each other. When I got back I was told my work was all correct and that she was impressed.

I really did enjoy being in a work environment again being with other people also was nice. They did seem a good crowd. I suppose there were about 10 people doing the same as me they had been there anything from 3weeks to a couple of days and of course me on my first day. They were all hoping to be taken on permanantly I said I wasn’t sure as I had to see how things went with my children.

When I got home everything was fine both Dennis and Linda were there and dinner was cooking. I was really pleased about this as I was shattered. Everyone was fussing around me questions coming thick and fast “did I enjoy it” “were the other people nice” “would I like a nice cup of tea” I said I thought they would never ask. The kids said they didn’t like the school dinner much and hoped it would be better the next day. I didn’t think it would be for them as the twins especially were fussy eaters. It didn’t matter to me if they didn’t eat it as I always would be cooking a proper meal at night.

My second day and I enjoyed it just as much as the previous day. At lunch time I went to the court and collected as arranged the £7 Mike paid to them for the childrens maintenance and then went straight to the rent office and paid it off the arrears. Usually when you started a new job you had to work a week in hand which means you work a week without getting any money but thankfully this wasn’t the case or I would have been in a real mess. This didn’t happen because it was a temporary job.

The third day I went to Lloyds Bank at lunch time and opened a bank account the first one I had ever had of my own. I fully intended to try and put money in every week even if it was only a couple of pounds.

The kids were doing fine they had adapted really well. I had now been at work a whole week. The problem would occur during school holidays. I really couldn’t rely on Dennis. Then I thought I would ask my Mum if she would come over for a week as it would soon be half term and she would love to clean my house and take care of the kids on her own. I asked the question when I rang her and she jumped at the chance. I knew she wasn’t very well but she said it would be nice to have other things to think about. My kids wouldn’t know what hit them. She was a stickler for tidiness something that wasn’t in our vocabulary

Dennis wasn’t to happy about my Mum coming . He knew he was going to be nagged from morning til night about the drug situation. I couldn’t help thinking the Doctor had helped him get addicted as bad as he was by more or less prescribing what Dennis asked for. I began to wonder just how much he knew about drug addicts ,their lies and deceit and manipulative behaviour.

Before the Doctor suggested he became a registered addict he could only get drugs when he had the money to buy it on the street , since then, he had as much as he wanted and more because he was selling the excess in Piccadilly.

Dennis had gone to the Doctors for his regular counselling and came home very dejected he said the Doctor had been cautioned about over-prescribing heroin to him. It had to be stopped instantly or else he wouldn’t be licensed to prescribe class ‘A’ drugs anymore. I said no more pretending to break the ampoules or he would be back scoring on the streets, with all the risks of being arrested.

I still liked my job it was very interesting, the kids were doing great and I was paying off my arrears as I promised Mrs Smith. I received a letter from Mike saying he would like to come over on Sunday, this would be his second visit and he had been gone 8 months . When I told the kids they said ok and carried on playing. I had a feeling it would be very fraught. Dennis said he would be out all day. Sunday came and also Mike at about 2.00pm . the children were out playing. Mike said they had just said hello to him and carried on. I asked him what he expected as he hadn’t kept regular contact not even a letter to them. I once again said’ you reap what you sow’ I had said it many times since the children were born but it was just too much effort. I would say he would end up a lonely old man but it didn’t make any difference then he got angry when they ignored him and said I must have brain washed them.

I told him I had a job albeit only temporary and thought he might be interested enough to hear how it was all fitting in with the kids but no, he went off about his own job. Totally ignoring what I had just said. There was only one person in his life and that was him.

I did begin to feel a bit sorry for him with the children not coming to see him, so I called them in. They all came in and sat down and I thought Mike would ask them at least what was going on in there lives but no he just carried on talking about his job driving buses and totally ignored them. Lesley asked if they could go back out to play I said yes and off they went. Mike made no comment just said it would be the last visit he would make as it was pointless, the kids couldn’t care less. Sadly he was right.

He hadn’t even brought them any sweets, nothing. He said not only were the kids not interested but he felt an idiot having to knock on his own door and wait to be let in. I promptly replied’ whose door’ last time I looked it was my door. He was livid and turned and strode off , not even a goodbye to the children.

The weeks were flying by, my Mum was coming next week, I was really looking forward to seeing her. Dennis wasn’t he was quite scared. He was also skint as he couldn’t get any extra drugs to sell. At least he was on an even keel at the moment, I knew it couldn’t last I was sure he was missing the excitement of scoring drugs . That meant he had a reason for getting up in a morning and that need had been removed so he was feeling lost. I did suggest he try and get a job, then he said and who would look after the children ,he was right I really did need him at home at the moment.

My Mum arrived on the Saturday we all met her at Victoria Coach Station, well me and the kids. She was very tired but looked really well. The kids were thrilled to bits to see her. We went and had a cup of tea before we caught the next bus home. Dennis had got the dinner on when we got home, I think he was after scoring brownie points with my Mum.

We had a really nice evening we had a good laugh and my Mum was nice and relaxed. She said she was looking forward to cleaning out my cupboards and although there wasn’t any washing only todays there was loads of ironing that needed doing. By the time she went home I wouldn’t know where anything was as she would have re-organised me. I didn’t mind I was just grateful she had come.

Sunday was a nice day we went for a short walk, as my Mum found it difficult walking far but it was nice. When we got back I started the dinner my Mum got up to help but I said no she had a week ahead of cooking so it was my treat today. We had a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings my Mum said it was like Christmas. I said I didn’t get many opportunities to spoil her and thank her for saving my life looking after the kids.

Mum insisted she and the kids wash up. With her washing and the kids drying I was just waiting for the sound of breaking dishes but it didn’t happen. I could hear them all talking at once and my Mum saying one at a time please. It was really nice. Dennis had gone upstairs to take his heroin while my Mum was otherwise engaged. He was funny, he knew she knew what he was doing but it was as if it wasn’t spoken about it didn’t happen.

Later on when the kids were in bed Mum and I went to the phone box to ring my Dad see how he was getting on on his own. I’m sure he was enjoying it no-one to nag him. He was fine said it was very quiet. He had been to my Uncle Dougs for dinner. My Mum started to give him his orders do this, do that, don’t forget this, don’t forget that. What a pair they were.
It was really nice Monday morning ,no kids to get ready as it was half term and my Mum was in charge. Off I went feeling very relaxed for the first time since I started work. I worried in case Dennis was out when the kids came out of school but no need now. I had another excellent day at work, they were very impressed with my work and couldn’t believe how fast I worked with 100% accuracy. The thought did cross my mind that if they were so impressed I might be offered a permanent job after the 8 week contract. I think I could manage it ,the kids were coping really well and my Mum said she would come and stay with us for all the school holidays. Still I may not be offered it.

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