Sunday, 15 June 2008

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I loved school and was doing very well. Dad was now working at the Olympia painting the Royal Boxes for the multitude of shows and also the stands for the exhibits, Mum also worked there in the cloakrooms during the shows.

My friend and I were allowed in the Olympia as most of the people who manned the doors new me. I remember on one occasion,it was the Royal Tournament show, the soldiers had let me into the actual arena and it was getting quite late, I was ignorant of time as I was so absorbed in everything. the next thing I was aware of was a voice on the tannoy saying "would Sheila Berry please go to the ladies cloakroom to meet her parents".

Suddenly it was 1948 I was now nine years old and a very happy well adjusted child, Mum and Dad said they had something to tell me ,I remember thinking oh no, I`ll bet we are going back to Yorkshire and I didn't want to as I loved London.

They told me I was going to have a brother or sister in 6 months time, I was thrilled one thing I had longed for was a brother or sister I didn't mind which. Dad and I fussed about my Mum as we were so pleased. Things were going great. I was the happiest girl in the world.

It was a saturday in August 1948 my Dad was at work until lunchtime so my Mum and me went shopping. We returned home at about 1.00pm and my Dad was sat in the chair not looking at all well and saying that things like tiny animals and horses, were flying all over the room, I must add my Dad was a bit of a practical joker so we laughed but we soon realised this was no joke.

My Dad appeared to be having a sort of seizure, Mum quickly told me to run and get the Doctor and she tried to get my dad to bed. The Doctor came straight away and Dad was rushed into hospital. After numerous tests he was transferred to the National hospital for Nervous Diseases in Maida Vale where it was eventually confirmed that he had a tumour on the brain.

Mum explained to me what it meant and that we had to help each other as the baby was due in November just a month away. The Doctors wanted to operate on my Dad but he begged and pleaded with them to wait until the baby was born.

We had been told there was only a 50/50 chance of success at the worst he could be blind or paralysed, if not to die on the operating table. He handled it really well but me and Mum found it impossible to believe we could possibly lose my Dad.

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