Saturday, 28 June 2008

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It was really strange this person pulled up on a bike and I didn`t recognise him and I could tell he didn`t recognise me as we both hesitated and then I realised we had only seen each other in the half light. It was very odd, I said that if he didn`t like what he saw in the cool light of day then I would understand and he could go. He said he was quite happy. We then got on like a house on fire and went for a walk to Tinsley Park Woods, it`s a beautiful place, we sat by the golf links and talked.

As he was on his Bike he had to leave at about 9.00pm as by then it had started to get dark,also we were both very tired. He was on late shift the next day he finished at 8.00pm, he asked if I would like to meet him at Wickersley Crossroads at about 9.00pm, we would only have time for a couple of drinks as the pubs closed at 10.00pm in those days.

I continued to see him 4 or 5 times a week except for when our shifts clashed which wasn`t very often,this went on for about 9 months and I thought he was the one, he respected me ,made no demands as most lads did. We never in that time disagreed it was laughs all the time.

I was sat in the canteen ,I was working my day off, I was what we called doing a 4.30am spare. I was there in case someone didn`t turn up for work for whatever reason, on this occasion it was almost time for me to finish, I hadn`t been needed at all. I was sat with Barbara having yet another coffee ,when a girl sitting opposite me, who I had never seen before asked if I was going out with Mark Scott from Maltby. I said that I was and had been for the last 9 months. She said she lived next door to him and was surprised we had been going out so long as his wife had just given birth to their first child. I looked at Barbara she looked at me we were both shocked to say the least, I said this girl must have got the wrong guy, she came up with other facts, like where he worked etc......

This was Wednesday, on Saturday Barbara and I were going to Cleethorpes for two weeks holiday, we were meeting Mark and Hugh at the Plough Pub in Catcliffe,on Friday. Neither of us could wait to hear his explanation. I was so upset but I didn`t believe it, I had seen him nearly every night at least 4 or 5 and also weekends, still pointless speculating, wait until friday. My god it was a long week.

Friday came I was itching to say something but I waited until we got our drinks and sat down. I casually turned to Mark and said " are you married" he looked at me and quietly said "yes" I had been so sure he would deny it but I think the way I asked him just like "what day is it" caught him off guard, then came the apologies, he was so sorry, he would get a divorce. I said what about your new baby does that mean nothing to you, obviously not or he wouldn`t have been going out with me, with this I got up and walked out with Barbara following me, I knew that if I didn`t leave then I would be in tears and I wouldn`t give him the satisfaction.

I was in shock 9 months keeping a secret like that , I still couldn`t get my head round it, I really thought we would get married, what an idiot I was but how do you know, you have to trust. He came out after me and said he was really sorry, he had wanted to tell me before but couldnt, he begged me to still go out with him, I could not believe it, I said I never wanted to see him again. all bravado, I wanted to say ok but there was no way I was going to split a family up. I just couldn`t understand him he wasn`t the guy I thought he was.

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