Thursday, 26 June 2008

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He ,Johnny lived in a village called Steetley near Worksop, he took me there to meet his mum and Dad and go to their local club that night (saturday) I would have to stay overnight as it was right out in the sticks and I think the buses stopped running at about 6pm. He came to my house to take me as I had no idea where it was, after we got off the bus we had to walk through woods up hill and then through a chalk pit to this row on either side of the street of about twenty houses. It looked very odd the houses on the skyline. I didn`t know what kind of place I was going to, all I knew was he was the eldest of 6 children, after being an only child for so long I couldn`t imagine having five brothers and sisters.

I had no need to be worried as they were all really nice kids, the youngest was about two yrs old, his Mum and dad were very nice and made me very welcome and said she put me in the eldest girls bedroom, did I mind sharing with her of course I didn`t.

We went out that night, had to reverse the walk I had done earlier to get there as the club was near the bus stop. When we got there I couldn`t believe it , it was just a large hut, like a scouts hut, it probably doubled up as that, still a night of bingo was ahead also some terrible singing by wannabees who thought they were the bees knees, terrible I was glad when it was over. The best part of the night was getting Fish and chips and mushy peas on the way home for the life of me I have no idea where we got them from as there certainly wasn`t any shops, but whatever they were great.

Next day Johnny,myself and two of his sisters went swimming in the chalk pits, quite a dangerous thing to do, especially like me unable to swim and in an ill fitting borrowed swim suit but they were used to it and helped me out.It was a really amazing time.

Then the long walk again to the bus stop, I went home by myself this time as I had to go to work on the late shift at 3.30pm. I would be tired as usual as I wouldn`t finish until 11.30pm then pay in my money catch the staff bus home it would be about 12.30am.

This relationship went on for about 3 months, my brother Dennis often went with me, he loved it there. It started to fizzle out he wanted marriage and I certainly didn`t he wasn`t my idea of a husband, so sometimes you have to be brutal . He insisted I kept the ring, I gave it to my Mum as she did`nt have an engagement ring.

My cousin Anne knew about me going out with this lad but she hadn`t met him and I don`t think I ever mentioned his surname. One day we were talking about the whole farce and she saw the ring and suddenly every thing fel into place, her friend had broken up with her fiance about 6 months ago, his name was the same as my Johnny he was in the army and her engagemant ring, wait for it, was exactly the same as the one he had sent me, coincidence or what, he obviously thought using the same ring a third time was perhaps not the right thing to do , bad luck and all that. We all had a good laugh, you had to or you might cry, I think not.

I was sat in the canteen at work having my usual a plate of chips and gravy when a girl asked if she could sit with my mate and I, we said of course. She said she had just passed out and didn`t know anybody, we soon got chatting her name was Barbara we hit it off straight away and soon became great pals which lasted 30 years, even though in that time I had lived in London but we always kept in touch.

We liked the same things, we both liked to take risks not so much risks but court danger like in the 50`s I can`t remember why but a lot of young Italian guys came to Rotherham in their flash clothes, italian suits, very smart they were. Of course Barbara and I went out with a couple of them, this was of course strictly out of order by the majority of folk but as I said we didn`t do what was expected of us. Who had the most fun do you think? we weren`t that impressed so that was short lived, we preferred home grown guys.

We were sat in the canteen one day when Frank a conductor said his club in Maltby was going on a trip to Blackpool Illuminations in two weeks time and they had a couple of seats going begging. Barbara and I looked at each other and yes we thought we would give it a go , so that was sorted now we only had to arrange the day off. We also found out we had to catch the coach at 8. 00am on sunday morning at Wickersley Crossroads which I couldn`t get to on a sunday as the buses didn`t start running until lunchtime. Barbara said she would ask her mum if I could stay at her house Saturday and sunday night. She did and it was ok.

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