Thursday, 19 June 2008

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Peabody Trust,Camberwell

If Dad got the job we would have to move, I was apprehensive about this as I was now quite established in my new school and loved it but it was important for dad to get a light job and this seemed perfect.

The interview went very well, but I am afraid dad had to omit a few things like he was a registered disabled person now. From past experience if he mentioned this then no job. He got the job we all thought this was it, a lovely three bedroomed flat on the first floor went with the job.

It was all systems go packing etc...another adventure, by this time Dennis was just over 2,he was a very quiet and self contained child,very apprehensive of things and people outside the family. I think maybe this was probably due to the fact that Mum and I did have to try and keep him as quiet as possible because Dad just couldn't contend with him crying. He loved him very much but he just couldn't cope. Dennis was having a very differant childhood to my own.

Dad was for most of my early life a healthy and happy man, nothing was too much trouble, we spent hours together going for walks and talking, but it had all changed now. Even though I was only twelve I could see what was happening and I tried to make up for this, I was no substitute but tried and Dennis and I were very close.

We moved into the flat in Camberwell it was great, a bedroom of my own . The flat was spacious.The nearest Grammar School was in Peckham Rye I had to travel by tram. I didn`t like the school very much it was an all girls school and I found them very bitchy, I felt older than them, they seemed childish, maybe because I had been through so much in the past 2 years it had made me grow up before my time but I got used to the school and was doing very well.

Dad was finding it difficult to cope with his job, but as it was a resident job he had to try and cope. I had a feeling that something was going on and i asked Mum but she said it was ok she was just worried over Dad as he felt he couldn`t do the job properly.
Mum received a letter from my Grandmother in Rotherham and as she read it I saw her face light up. She said its going to be alright now for us ,your Gran has said we can go and live with her for as long as we want. It will be a squeeze ,but it will be better for us all.

Gran lived in a three bedroomed house and two of Mums
brothers, Ken and Dou,g still lived there. They were 16 and 17yrs respectively and my Grandad. Ken and Doug would share a room Gran and Grandad had their room, Mum, Dad and Dennis would have the third bedroom and I would sleep on the sofa, my Gran had it all planned. Dad was pleased too as he really couldn`t work, he had gone back to soon.

Guess what moving day again, we had to sell all the furniture as there was no space at my grans but we kept all the linens and crockery and such like. At last we were on the train another new adventure, I loved this moving about, maybe we should have been gypsies. It was a long journey, they were the old steam trains then. Dennis loved it and we were all looking forward to a completely new start.

We arrived at 18 Brinsworth Avenue and what a welcome we got, all Mum`s family were there to greet us. I just knew we were going to be alright now, we were no longer on our own we had a large family around us ,it was a great comfort. I felt that the pressure was off me now, although I hadn`t previously felt that pressure was there it obviously had been, otherwise I wouldn`t have felt the sudden lifting of a weight. We would have the support of a large family, maybe we should have done this sooner.

Everything was working out really well although cramped for space we all got on very well in spite of the teasing I got from my two uncles.

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Stormy said...

Half hour ago I was just closing a webpage after a scrapbooking exploration. I was on your daughters webpage needing to head to bed when I saw her comment about this blog. I had to check it out and can't seem to put it down. I can't wait to get to finish reading this. I am 25 and can hardly remember my own childhood this well!! Your doing great. I'll be back for more. :)