Friday, 27 June 2008

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It was 1.00am on sunday morning when we got to Barbara`s house and we had to be up at about 6.30am to get breakfast and get ready. It all too soon was time to get up, we were both excited looking forward to a day in Blackpool. We only knew one person on the coach that was Frank. We got to Blackpool the weather was roasting , we went on everything there was in the amusement park, we were shattered, we bought presents for our respective families and by this time it was 4.00pm we weren`t supposed to be back on the coach until 5.30pm. We took a chance it would be unlocked and in the same place we left it. The driver could have gone elsewhere. Our luck was in the coach was there and others were already on there. We sat in the first two seats thinking we would have a great view of the illuminations. It was lovely to sit down we had been on our feet about 5 hours.

On the right hand side of the coach a couple of seats back were two lads fast asleep, so we made a bit of noise but to no avail. We chatted away and looked at the presents we had bought,eventually everyone began returning to the coach, it was almost time to for off, it was almost dark.

The lads to our right awoke and asked us the time and we got chatting, soon one of them called Mark asked if he could sit with me in the seat behind and the other lad Hugh could sit with Barbara. We thought about it for a second and said o.k.. they were both Scottish and came from Maltby they were also deepface miners very nasty and dangerous jobs but very well paid they actually dug the coal from the coal face usually on their stomachs in water.

Mark the one I was with was a really nice guy,we got on really well. I am not too sure about Barbara and Hugh , still I was alright jack. We eventually started off down the prom everybody was oohing and aahing the lights were really spectacular we saw about half of them when sleep overtook us. When we woke up the coach had stopped at the halfway point..a pub.

Out we all got to the toilets and have a drink,the weather was getting really foggy, by the time we started off again it was really thick. At one point Mark walked in front to assist the driver, it was very scary,then as quick as it came down it cleared which was a blessing as we were just about at the Snake Pass.

Next thing we knew someone was waking us up saying"last stop before Rotherham Town Centre" panic we had missed our stops by, for the lads about 8 miles and Barbara and I about 3 miles. The last thing we felt like was a long walk home but there was no choice.

Actually when we got going Mark and I quite enjoyed it , scaring each other but the other two did nothing but argue, Barbara really didn`t like Hugh. We got to Wickersley where Barbara lived and had a kiss and cuddle and Mark asked me if he could see me again. I had been hoping he would, I said yes so we arranged to meet the following night about 6.00pm he said he would be on his bike, romantic what!!! Barbara said no when Hugh asked to see her again.

We went to bed for what seemed like an hour . up we got, back to work at 4.00am. Roll on 12 noon I could go to my house and go to bed for a couple of hours before going out again to meet Mark, its a hard life.

Did my shift, went home gave everybody their presents, silly seaside stuff but its the thought that counts. Told my Mum I was meeting Mark, who I had met on the coach, she had a bet with me that he wouldnt turn up. I won the bet he did turn up ,quite a bit late though, I was just about to go home and pay up.

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Lisa Olofsson Lexé said...

This story was very interesting! I just had a little bit of trouble reading it, since I´m from Sweden :P
But I understood it all and I really liked it!

Keep going! :)
/ Lisa, Swedish girl.