Tuesday, 17 June 2008

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By the time Dad was more coherent I visited him most days, but he wanted to see Dennis as he couldn't believe that he was still alive, he thought we were only saying that to stop him getting upset.

The Almoner at the hospital arranged for a taxi to pick Mum and Dennis up to visit him as it was seriously damaging his recovery. This was traumatic for Mum, as she hadn't seen dad she only had my word for what he was like.

Dad was thrilled to see them both ,although he was still criticaly ill he said he could now relax. He was paralysed down his left side but the Doctors assured him he would regain partial if not full use.

He was a mere shadow of his former self but seeing all his family helped enormously.

Mum and I were bathing Dennis one morning, he was about 5 weeks old when suddenly to our utter amazement he swung his right arm in a full circle, my Mum and I both cried with happiness it was the turning point for Dennis, although his right arm was now as it should be his left arm was twisted and with very limited movement. He was a very beautiful and contented baby. I loved him so much.

Dad came home the week before Christmas, again this was traumatic for him and us, he had to use a walking stick due to the paralysis he was also very short tempered and nervous which we were told was to be expected due to the major shock to his nervous system. This operation in 1948 was as major as it could get, no scans or MRI`s. Mum was amazing she knew just how to handle the situation and de-fuse it quickly.

I couldn't believe this was my Dad he was so changed, from a very loving patient and happy man he was now just the opposite, he couldn't even stand Dennis crying. He had to take pheno-barbitone tablets to stop epileptic fits which the operation had caused these made him depressed plus the worry of not being able to work to support his family he felt very inadequate, but he also had a will of iron and was determined to throw away the walking stick which he did in a very short time. He also got a job as a car park attendant which was something else he found difficult to come to terms with after all he was a skilled tradesman, but climbing ladders etc which his job required was out of the question.

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Lori.Carter said...

Great Story so far love it very interesting the hard times back then were so much more tough it makes me so grateful for the medical field today. Can't wait to read more